This website was created in October 2007 by some members of the Pemaquid Point Association. It serves as a source of information on the Pemaquid Point area in Maine for any interested persons and a source of special information for members of the Association. Members can be reminded of activities, meeting and other event dates which are posted on this site as well as view minutes and other business documents in the members only area. All visitors to the site can view live photographs of the Pemaquid Point Light House. The camera images are continuously updated approximately every 5 minutes. The site is a volunteer effort and is under continuing development. Ideas to get it stocked with more interesting information are welcome and can be sent to the email listed below.

Photograph by David Yunker

What's New

2020 Member Directory.

The 2020 Member Directory has been posted.

2021 Newsletter.

The 2021 Association Newsletter has been posted.

Cottage Inspections and Dues.

Cottage Inspections have commenced and run from September 1 through May 30. In order to have your cottage on the inspection list your dues must be current. If you have not yet paid your dues and wish to have your cottage inspected, please forward your check ($50) to: Pemaquid Point Association, P.O. Box 283, New Harbor, ME, 04554


The histories of the Pemaquid Point Hotel, the Pumpkin Cove Farmhouse and the Theakston-Smith Home, contributed by Anne Lewis, have been added to the History Section.

Weather Station.

The weather station has been installed at the light. You can get current weather or visit the weather station home page where you will find links to comprehensive weather reports.

Pemaquid Messenger Project.

We've photographed over 75 issues of the 1885-1895 Bristol, ME, newspaper. Read more about the project.

Want to join the Association?

Download this document which explains eligibility requirements. If you are eligible you can complete the form and mail it back to the PPA, P.O. Box 283, New Harbor, ME 04554.

Have something you'd like to share?

A picture? A piece of history? An observation? An idea for the website? We would love to hear from you. Send an email to